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australian singer-songwriter hannah bahng

"Her music offers a glimpse inside the restless mind of someone who's still figuring themselves out."

 – Teen Vogue

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Recognized by Teen Vogue for her introspective songwriting and versatile musicality, hannah bahng is a 20-year-old independent artist who defies genre boundaries. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, her musical journey was ignited by her mother's influence, who encouraged her to take piano lessons as a child. In 2021, she gained a substantial following on YouTube, where she shares candid vlogs and song covers. She began writing music on her family piano while searching for what kind of artist she wanted to be. In 2023, hannah released her sun-drenched debut single "perfect blues" and its moodier B-side track "OLeander," which she wrote, composed, and co-produced. They've generated nearly 15 million Spotify streams and counting, and hannah was the third most viewed Australian artist on TikTok in 2023. Beyond her prowess in music, hannah is a multifaceted artist, excelling in dance and visual arts. Her debut project, The Abysmal EP, released via her self-owned label Bahng Entertainment LLC, is a testament to her authentic and genre-fluid style. She wrote, composed, and co-produced the project alongside her primary collaborator, Andrew Luce. In every medium, hannah bahng is unapologetically herself, expressing her warring emotions over pulsating beats, piano melodies, and dynamic compositions. She's ready to push pop's boundaries with a sound and autonomous creative vision that is uniquely hers.

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