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perfect blues TikTok/IG Reel Video Call Contest



From now until July 27th 12AM AEST (which is July 26th at 10AM ET), you can enter the perfect blues TikTok/IG Reel Video Call Contest by posting a TikTok video or Instagram Reel video set to "perfect blues" by hannah bahng for a chance to participate in a video call event with hannah! 20 winners will be invited to have a 2 minute video call with hannah bahng. This video call event will take place on July 30th 10AM-12PM AEST (which is July 29th at 8PM-10PM ET) via WhatsApp. 

No purchase necessary to enter


  • The entered TikTok/IG Reel MUST use the official "perfect blues" song as the video sound/audio (link for perfect blues TikTok sound here & link for perfect blues Instagram audio here). A video will NOT be eligible unless the official sound is used!

  • The entered TikTok/IG Reel MUST include all of the following 3 hashtags: #perfectblues, #hannahbahng, and #entryperfectblues in the video's caption to be eligible! A video will NOT be eligible unless all three of these exact hashtags are properly used, so please double check your spelling before posting!

  • An entry video will NOT be eligible if such video contains anything inappropriate or hateful, or if it contains any other person/organization’s content without said person/organization’s permission. You are solely liable for the content that you post on your account. 

  • Duplicate/reposted videos will not be considrered separate entries.

  • Be creative! The vibe can be aesthetic, comedic, dramatic, or whatever you think goes best with the song!



20 winners will be chosen from all eligible TikTok and Instagram Reel entry videos. If your entry video is one of the 20 winners, you will receive a DM from the official Bahng Entertainment TikTok account or Instagram account (@bahngentertainment). We will ONLY contact you from our official social media accounts that have the username: @bahngentertainment. Upon receiving the invitation DM, you will have 24 hours to RSVP for the video call event with any required information requested by us. If you do not RSVP within 24 hours, your spot may be forfeited and a new eligible winner may be chosen as a replacement for this video call event.


\In the rare case that more than one entry video from an individual person are chosen as winners, the total video call length will be combined. [For example, if Person A has 2 different videos chosen as winners, the total video call time for Person A will be added together (2 minutes + 2 minutes) for a total video call length of 4 minutes.]


This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, TikTok, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

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